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    I am 52, had breast cancer a few years ago (no chemo just op, radiation and medication). I was on Tamoxifen for 2 1/2 years and now just started Femara. At the end of my tamoxifen I had a Bone Density Test because I am a small person. 55kg (5 foot 2 inches) now and thats the most I have ever weighed. Was much less in my 20's. My bone scan showed osteoperina and the neck of my hip and L2 of my spine is in osteoporosis as they are both -2.5. My Beta crosslaps blood test is very good (275). I have never taken calcium or vitamin D suplements so I though that is all I would be told to do for now. However seeing I can't take any eostrogen medication (oestorgen positive breast cancer) I have been told to take Bisposphonates once a year for three years via IV (medicare wont pay for tablets for my condition). Has anyone else my age had this medication. Are you glad you had it. Did it not only stop bone reobsorption but also grow your bones. Did your bone density improve or just not get worse???? I don't know if to have it or not or to just try calcium and vitamin D for now and have it IV in some years but I don't want to have hip or spine breaks when older.....so confused what to do.

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    Hi Sher,

    Sorry to hear that you've been through such a hard time! You might find some of the information on our website helpful - http://osteoporosis.org.au/about/about-osteoporosis/what-is-it/

    Many women that receive treatment for breast cancer are also advised about their bone health, and may be recommended treatment by their doctors to prevent future fractures.

    We can confirm that the medication you have been recommended for your bone health is a commonly prescribed type of treatment for osteoporosis, however we always recommend you consult your doctor regarding any concerns or queries that you may have - they would be in the position to give you the best advice for your circumstance.

    Best wishes and hope this helps,


    By: Osteoporosis Australia Posted:May 15 2013