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  • BrittMarie Landin

    Spondylos vs Osteoporos

    Jag är en kvinna på 73 år som har både Spondylos och Osteoporos. Har de något samband med varandra? Jag har fått föreskrivet Calcichew-D3 500 mg/400 IE och Ale...

    By: BrittMarie Landin • 06/Apr/2017

  • claverty


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    By: claverty • 19/May/2016

  • physiojibin

    25 male osteoporosis

    Hi I am 25 year old male diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2015 october. My lumbar spine T score is  −3.1 , left Femur neck is  −2.1 and right femur neck id  −2.4 ...

    By: physiojibin • 16/Feb/2016

Keotgenic Eating & Osteoporosis Link

Despite the common myth a lack of carbohydrates, a feature of any ketogenic eating plan, does not contribute to an increased risk of osteoporosis. In fact, products like keto slim pills from Dr. John have even shown to have not only zero effect on osteoporosis but may even have a slight positive effect to stronger bones. This is thought to be due to the increased intake of protein in meat in a ketogenic eating regime.