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  1. Susan Posts: 1
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    Does anyone know if low and non fat dairy products have as much calcium as the higher fat ones?

    By: Susan Posted:Oct 11 2011 Views: 20

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  2. /profile/Laura Posts:1

    Good question. I just looked at the IOF website and surprisingly, it seems that skimmed milk has slightly MORE calcium than whole milk! Check out the listing on  http://www.iofbonehealth.org/patients-public/about-osteoporosis/prevention/nutrition/calcium-rich-foods.html - I assume this would apply to other dairy foods like cheese or yoghurt. I'm glad I have another reason to stick to my low fat yoghurt and semi skimmed milk!

    By: Laura Misteli Posted:Nov 29 2011

  3. /profile/Shirlg Posts:2

    I am told that they are just as high without the fat content and its possible undesired effects.

    By: Shirley Garnett Posted:Jan 23 2012