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Posted: Apr 09 2013

Hi, I am 41 and have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis - I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (underactive thyroid) disease about 13 years ago and have been taking Thyroxine medication to treat this, however was very surprised to learn just recently that any thyroid condition can affect you bones.  I consider that my family has a pretty good diet and I do exercise regularly.  I am trying to stay positive but am feeling a little lost and lonely at the moment so if anyone has any ideas on diet, exercise and medication, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Kylie,

    Always remember there is a lot that can be done to help manange your bone health. The Osteoporosis Australia website has specific factsheets that advise on the most important aspects of osteoporosis. Please click through to read more on

    Calcium http://osteoporosis.org.au/images/stories/consumer_resources_updated/oa_consumer_calcium.pdf

    Vitamin D http://osteoporosis.org.au/images/stories/consumer_resources_updated/vitdconsumerguide.pdf

    Exercise http://osteoporosis.org.au/images/stories/consumer_resources_updated/oa_consumer_excercise.pdf

    Medications http://osteoporosis.org.au/images/stories/consumer_resources_updated/oa_consumer_medicines.pdf

    Remember to also discuss any other questions or problems that you experience with your doctor. We hope that helps and all the best!

    Warm wishes,


    By: Osteoporosis Australia | Posted: Apr 24 2013